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Where to Buy Laundry Bags? The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you’ve been constantly asking and wondering where to buy laundry bags, then, this article is perfect for you. Laundry bags are one of the household items that experience the most wear because they’re used regularly, and they’re always weighted. That being said, it’s important to always have laundry bags in their best condition.
The question stands: where can you buy the best and highest quality laundry bags without spending a lot of money? In this guide, we’ll go over the guide in buying laundry bags. We’ll discuss where you can get the best laundry bags you can get, how you can ensure they’re high-quality, and many more!

What are Laundry Bags?

Laundry bags are bags used to place inside washers, making sure that some clothes don’t mix with all other clothes. Often, delicate articles of clothing like underwear, baby clothes, and others that are preserved are put inside laundry bags before being placed inside the washer.
NOTE: In some cases, laundry bags refer to hampers or containers for dirty clothes, and just to be clear, it’s valid. Don’t be confused when some people interchange the two.

What Type of Laundry Bag is Best?

There are many reviews concerning the best laundry bag type, but the best is still the laundry bag that lasts the longest, the most robust, and the one that successfully keeps your clothes from being ruined – and for many, that is mesh.
Mesh laundry bags have been crowned the best in terms of durability and flexibility. They have been the basis of quality in laundry bags, and they still stand as the first option when it comes to laundry bags today.
Here’s a table to help you identify and differentiate different laundry bag types and for you to know which to use.
Laundry Bag Type Material Used Features and Functions Used For
Mesh Laundry Bag
Breathable and convenient, prevents snags and locks
Great for putting delicate or special clothes like lingerie
Cotton Canvas Laundry Bag
Cotton canvas
Machine washable and extremely durable
Great for regular clean or dirty laundry
Waterproof Laundry Bag
Nylon, polyester, PVC
Moisture and odor-resistant
Great for carrying wet or damp clothes
Travel Laundry Bag
Lightweight fabric (cotton)
Easily foldable and can keep clothes separated
Luggage packing
Heavy-Duty Laundry Bag
Vinyl, ripstop nylon
Holds big loads and has strong handles
Large-scale laundry/commercial/industrial use
Laundry Backpack
Polyester, nylon
Handsfree carrying and has multiple pockets
Great for people who travel with their laundry
Pop-Up Laundry Hamper
Wire frame, polyester mesh
Easy to store and collapsible
Great for sorting laundry (clean and/or dirty clothes)

What is the Best Material For a Laundry Bag?

Today, you’ll find many different materials for laundry bags as many manufacturers are trying to innovate. However, tightly woven fabric that’s compact and isn’t easily torn remains the best material for it. If the material is high quality and is not easily torn or ruined, it’s good to be used for laundry bags.
To give an example, mesh laundry bags. They’re bags that work best when it comes to carrying weight, distributing stress and force, as well as keeping it breathable are mesh laundry bags.
Their netted body is the perfect structure for keeping things inside the bag while leaving them breathable. Air, water, and soap can flow through the mesh body, making sure that the contents inside are washed and are properly cleaned.

Where to Buy Laundry Bags?

Let’s be clear and straightforward – not all laundry bags are made equally. Some manufacturers actually put the thought into manufacturing or creating these laundry bags, but some just don’t.
You’ll find American laundry bag manufacturers as your most convenient option, but not the best. European laundry bag manufacturers also have quality in them, but their prices are always soaring through the roof!
Here in Asia, Chinese and Indian laundry bag manufacturers have set the standard for what the best laundry bags are. Although they’re not as great as the quality from the west, they still offer overall functionality.
So, if you were to choose, go for an Asian laundry bag retailer or manufacturer.

So… Where Should I Look For Them?

Going for a retailer and then checking straight for the manufacturer could be your best bet. Then, check if that retailer has other options and test it out. You need to be aware and knowledgeable of the different fabrics and how they react with movement, soap, and heat, and from there, you’ll be able to identify the best options of where to purchase laundry bags.
Where you can buy laundry bags is as important as the question what factors you should be considering. Alternatively, knowing what to look for them can be a more important question.

What to Look For in Laundry Bags?

Many enthusiasts and experts would argue that it’s not that entirely hard to spot good-quality laundry bags. But, for beginners, it’s going to be a lot of work.
Let’s try understanding the basics, though. It’s important to be sure of the fundamentals of laundry bags.

Strength and Durability

Strength and durability comes with material, of course. It is not true that all materials are strong – that all materials offer the same strength and durability. For example, you’ll know that a highly durable and long-lasting laundry bag will be able to hold up even after three consecutive washes. But we’ll talk about that later.
So, to check strength and durability, you’ll need to try them out first. Go for a few test washes and see the changes that happen every after use.


Material is also a crucial factor. Try thinking about using cotton as a laundry bag. Do you think it’ll last for a long time? Now, compare that to a polyester leno mesh, nylon mesh, or any other type of tightly woven fabric, do you think they’ll compare?
Check the material and make sure that it can hold up even after being used and being filled with clothing.


Another myth is that all sizes of laundry bags are available and applicable, that is entirely wrong. Using the right mesh laundry bag size is crucial because you will need a bag that’s able to hold all your clothes but be small enough for it not to get caught up with other clothes.
The rule of thumb when using laundry bags is to not overfill them. This is because water and soap needs to move and flow freely along the mesh, clothes, and back out to the mesh. So, use multiple bags if you may, but avoid overstuffing your laundry bags, and avoid overstuffing your washer with bags and clothes.

Closures and Locks

It’s also important to choose the closure or the locking mechanism of the laundry bag. Why is it important, you may ask? Simply because this closure will be the dictating factor of how secure your clothes will be inside the bag while being machine-washed.
Most closures use plastic alligator clips, zippers, drawstrings, and even regular clips. Choose the closure that won’t open midway through washing.

Quantity Availability

Last but not least is quantity. Most, if not all laundry bag manufacturers have MoQs or minimum order quantities. These minimum orders are set in order for buyers to have a threshold when they’re going to purchase. For instance, if the MoQ of a supplier is at 500, then that’s the minimum amount you can get.
There are some, however, that don’t have MoQs, giving you the flexibility of getting or ordering the exact amount of products you need.

Which Asian Laundry Bag Manufacturer Should You Trust?

From your typical cotton laundry bags, mesh laundry wash bags, to canvas bags, we can help you manufacture them.
We undertake some of the most crucial and most important processes and strategies to make sure that you get the best and highest quality of laundry bags you can get.

Benefits of Choosing Laundry Bags Packaging’s Products

We here at Laundry Bags Packaging have been one of the world’s most-trusted laundry bag manufacturers offering innovative experiences and developments all throughout. Some of the advantages and benefits of choosing us to manufacture or produce your laundry bags are:
  • Custom Bags Expertise: Laundry Bags Packaging Packing Solution is good at making different kinds of bags like laundry bags and tote bags.
  • Reputable Clientele: Big stores like ASDA and M&S trust Laundry Bags Packaging to make their bags because they do a great job.
  • Versatile Product Range: Apart from bags, they can also find other things you might need for promotions or events.
  • Flexible Manufacturing: If you want something special, they can make it just for you.
  • Certified Quality Assurance: All custom bags produced by Laundry Bags Packaging are AZO free and have passed SEDEX certification, guaranteeing compliance with international quality and safety standards.


Now that we have a distinct idea on where to buy laundry bags, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about it.
Are Laundry Wash Bags Worth It?
Yes, they are, especially if you have clothes that are special, delicate, or easily ruined. Place these pieces of clothing inside laundry wash bags and keep them safe, secure, and in one shape even after machine-washing.
Do Laundry Bags Get Dirty?
Yes and no – let me explain. Laundry wash bags are always used inside the washer, making it clean every time you use them. However, if you use them for other purposes (e.g., where germs and bacteria can lurk around and ruin them), then they can absolutely get dirty.
Are There Laundry Plastic Bags?
Yes, there are laundry plastic bags, but these aren’t the bags that you actually put inside a washer. For one, they’re plastic, which could mean that the material can shrink and distort because of the movement and heat inside the washer.
Another is because they’re not breathable like how mesh is. So, they can block water and soap from freely flowing inside the bag, helping clean the clothes inside.
Do Laundry Bags Prevent Shrinking?
No, it does not. What laundry wash bags help do is to keep your safely guarded and delicate clothes from being ruined. Since mesh laundry bags are still open, the component that shrinks clothes can still affect what you placed inside the laundry bag.

Now, before you answer the age-old question of where to buy laundry bags, check it out here first!

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