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Underwear Laundry Bag

Underwear Laundry Bag


Adding an underwear laundry bag to your laundry checklist is a must, especially if you have delicate undergarments. Let’s not forget the missing socks issue, as it is a common problem for every household. Once you wash with underwear laundry bags, you’ll never go back.

Made with fine mesh, you’ll never worry about whether your lingerie, underwear, and other small garments are washed and cleaned thoroughly. They’re specifically designed to allow soap and water to run through and clean the contents of it.

  • Secured with zippers or drawstrings, making sure that clothes are kept inside.
  • Made and manfuactured according to the needs of clients and customers.
  • Can be made using canvas, polyester, nylon, non-woven fabric, and many more.


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Underwear laundry bags are specially crafted and manufactured to protect delicate items during machine washing–underwear, in particular. Lingerie, underwear, and other small clothing are put inside these underwear laundry bags, which will then be thrown inside a washer, together with other clothes.

Thanks to the fine mesh structure, water and soap will be able to wash the contents of the laundry bag. In addition, it doesn’t brush with other clothes because of the fabric mesh that separates them.

Keep and wash your underwear with care using an underwear laundry bag!

Underwear Laundry Bag

Custom Made Sizes
Canvas, Polyester, Non woven or other custom made styles
White, Nature, Black, Blue, etc. Custom made colors
Durable, re-usable
Drawstring Style Or Custom styles
Custom Logo printing, or heat transfer or embroideried
EN12171 Report
Dry Clean, Storage, etc.
Made in China

Custom High Quality Travel Clothing Compression Bag Organizer Set Luggage 6 Pcs Packing Cube

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Underwear laundry bags are strategically used for the purpose of machine-washing underwear. Its purpose is to ensure that they don’t ruin and tangle with other clothes. Besides this, you can also use it as a dirty laundry hamper while traveling, an extra bag for categorizing clothes, and even a makeup bag, too!


What Types of Underwear Can You Place Inside an Underwear Laundry Bag?

Since it’s named and labeled as an underwear laundry bag, you can choose to put any type of underwear inside. But, that’s not all, because you can also use it as a container for other delicate pieces of clothing, too!

What Styles of Underwear Laundry Bag Can You Get From Laundry Bags Packaging?

You can get either a drawstring or a zipper-styled underwear laundry bag from us. Both have been rated to be safe and secure in making sure that they don’t mix with other pieces of clothing while washing.

Can You Get Custom-Made Underwear Laundry Bags?

Yes, we offer custom underwear laundry bags here at Laundry Bags Packaging. You can have your own colors, logos, and even add a bit of twist with the underwear laundry bags that you want.

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