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Polyethylene Dress Covers

Polyethylene Dress Covers


Polyethylene dress covers have been one of the least-favorites when it comes to dress and garment covers. It’s not as complex as non-woven fabric, but it isn’t as basic and simple as cotton. Making them with convenience and simplicity in mind, many manufacturers opted to go with polyethylene as their choice.

Here at WUXI Environment Packaging, we can get you the covers that you’re looking for. You can expect overall quality from us, no matter how big or small your orders are!

  • The process of manufacturing involves a complex pattern, guaranteeing safety and protection.
  • All dress covers are made with two tightly woven handles for stronger resistance.
  • They all come with zippers to pursue maximum security.


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Many people think that there’s something special about polyethylene dress covers because of the material. But, in reality, there’s none. What makes our covers here at WUXI Environment Packaging is the amount of effort we pour into manufacturing or producing them.

Like other garment covers, polyethylene covers are made with breathability and stability in mind. The goal is to create a garment cover or carrier while prioritizing the freshness and condition of the garment inside.

The transparent window allows for easy viewing and access, so you don’t need to open it every now and then to check and look at what’s inside.

Polyethylene Dress Covers

Custom Made Sizes
Canvas, Polyester, Non woven or other custom made styles
White, Nature, Black, Blue, etc. Custom made colors
Durable, re-usable
Drawstring Style Or Custom styles
Custom Logo printing, or heat transfer or embroideried
EN12171 Report
Dry Clean, Storage, etc.
Made in China


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Polyethylene, as a material is a strong, rigid, and robust material. It is so strong that it’s sometimes used in applications that replace traditional plastic. Why? Because they’re rigid, can actually resist force and weight better, and is resistant to abrasion.

These PE dress covers are exceptionally useful in the field of garment protection because they’re waterproof and dustproof. Not to mention the fact that they’re able to retract insects away because they wouldn’t be able to get in.


Can I Customize the Positioning of the Zipper?

Yes, you can choose to have the zipper only go halfway instead of all the way through. What this does is completely shut the bottom part of the carrier, ensuring maximum protection.

Is it Possible to Adjust the Transparency and Amount of Polyethylene?

Yes, most definitely. Some only choose to apply PE to one half of the front part instead of the entire front, while some want to go full transparent all the way.

Can I Change the Color of the Non-Woven Fabric?

Our polyethylene dress covers are flexible and versatile in color. We offer everything from brown, blue, green, white, gray, and many more!

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