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Mesh Laundry Bags With Handles

Mesh Laundry Bags With Handles

The One is specialized in manufacturing and supplying Mesh Laundry Bags With Handles.

This mesh bag is not only durable and long lasting, but is also eco friendly, making it a great choice for the environmentally conscious. It’s designed with two handles, making it easy to carry and transport your laundry from place to place. And the strong mesh material ensures all of your items are safe and secure when you need to do a load of laundry. The bag can hold a large load of laundry and is also machine washable, saving you time and hassle.

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Mesh Laundry Bags With Handles

Introducing our Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles, designed to offer unmatched convenience and efficiency for managing your laundry. Crafted from top-quality, breathable mesh fabric, these bags ensure your clothes remain fresh and well-ventilated. Equipped with reinforced handles for easy transport, they are perfect for home use, dorms, and travel. Elevate your laundry routine with our durable and stylish solution.

Features of Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles

  • High-Quality Breathable Mesh Fabric: Superior air circulation to keep your laundry fresh and odor-free
  • Exceptional Durability: Constructed from robust materials to withstand frequent use
  • Reinforced Handles: Sturdy and comfortable handles for easy carrying
  • Spacious Capacity: Designed to hold a significant amount of laundry
  • Effortless Access: Open top design for convenient loading and unloading

Custom Sizes and Colors Available

Looking for a specific size or color to match your brand or needs? Contact us for a customized quote.

Size Chart for Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles

Size Dimensions (inches) Dimensions (cm) Capacity
Small 14 x 18 35 x 45 2-3 lbs of laundry
Medium 18 x 24 45 x 60 4-5 lbs of laundry
Large 22 x 28 55 x 70 6-8 lbs of laundry
X-Large 26 x 32 65 x 80 9-12 lbs of laundry

Benefits of Using Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles

  • Maintains Freshness: Breathable fabric prevents odor buildup, keeping clothes ventilated
  • Ease of Transport: Reinforced handles provide a comfortable grip for easy transport
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for various settings, including home, dormitory, and travel
  • Long-Lasting Quality: High-grade construction ensures durability and longevity
  • User-Friendly Design: Large opening facilitates easy loading and unloading of laundry

Why Choose Our Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles?

As a leading manufacturer in laundry solutions, we prioritize quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. Our Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles are designed to meet the highest standards, making them a preferred choice for discerning customers and distributors alike.

Buy Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles

Enhance your laundry routine with our Premium Mesh Laundry Bags with Handles. Combining superior quality with practical design, these bags are perfect for keeping your laundry organized and fresh. Order now to experience the premium difference in laundry care.


Custom Made Sizes
Canvas, Polyester, Non woven or other custom made styles
White, Nature, Black, Blue, etc. Custom made colors
Durable, re-usable
Drawstring Style Or Custom styles
Custom Logo printing, or heat transfer or embroideried
EN12171 Report
Dry Clean, Storage, etc.
Made in China


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