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Door-Hanging Baby Organizer

Door-Hanging Baby Organizer

One of the most functional items we have under our belt is our door-hanging baby organizer. At WUXI Environment Packaging, we value effectiveness and efficiency over anything, and so, we innovated and manufactured this hanging organizer for you!

It requires simple technology but can actually help you by saving you a lot of time, money, and space! Thanks to its multiple shelves, you can categorize and group your things together!

  • Made from a combination of carton, non-woven fabric, and cotton, all of which are breathable.
  • They offer excellent and rock-solid stability, guaranteeing balance.
  • They are flexible and versatile so you can use them in many different areas of the house.


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A door-hanging baby organizer is a hangable shelf that you can adjust and place in different doors. The purpose of these organizers is to ensure that you safekeep and store your items neatly and appropriately, as well as allow you to save space while doing so.

Our hanging organizers are already equipped with metal hooks–you just need an empty door or a wall that can accommodate the hooks and you’ll be good to go!

With our hanging organizers, you can say goodbye to mismanaged and misplaced items! You can easily hang them and see where exactly they are!

Door Hanging Baby Organizer

Custom Made Sizes
Canvas, Polyester, Non woven or other custom made styles
White, Nature, Black, Blue, etc. Custom made colors
Durable, re-usable
Custom styles
Custom Logo printing, or heat transfer or embroideried
EN12171 Report
Dry Clean, Storage, etc.
Made in China

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The most obvious use for these hanging organizers is to be able to hang your baby’s items without much hassle. You can hang them on the door of your room, their room, or the toilet for you to be able to access it much easier and better.

You can put things in there like lotion, baby clothes, shower accessories, toys, and many more!


Can I Customize the Number of Shelves of My Door-Hanging Baby Organizer?

Although the standard number of shelves is five, it will still be your decision how many we’ll add. The typical is five because of the different item categories that babies use, but it can be as low as two or three, and as many as seven!

Is it Possible to Produce Creative Designs and Patterns?

You just have to send us the design and the structure you want and we will produce them for you. We here at WUXI Environment Packaging offer customization on all your orders! Just let us now and we’ll mass produce!

Does the Door-Hanging Baby Organizer Retain the Shape?

Yes, we use high-quality carton to help shape the organizer. Because of the weight of your items, the shelves are prone to ducking, but not by having carton inside! We’re 101% sure that the shape and the balance will be retained.

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