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Branded Laundry Bags

Branded Laundry Bags

The One are specialized in manufacturing and supplying Branded Laundry Bags。

These bags are designed to help you reduce waste while also making your life easier. Crafted from durable materials, these bags are designed to last for years and will help you take care of your laundry in a sustainable way. The spacious design lets you fit all your clothing items in one bag, and the drawstring closure ensures all items remain securely in the bag. The material is strong and flexible, making it perfect for carrying around with you or fitting in small spaces. With an eco-friendly design, you can rest assured that your laundry will be taken care of while also doing your bit for the environment.

Products Categories

Branded Laundry Bags

  • Custom Branding: Ideal for businesses to feature their logos and designs, enhancing brand visibility.
  • Marketing Tool: Great for promotional events, giveaways, or as part of a corporate uniform package.
  • Quality Material: Typically made from durable fabrics to reflect the quality of the brand.
  • Variety of Styles: Available in different sizes and styles to suit various customer needs.
  • Practical and Useful: Not just a promotional item, but a functional product for everyday use.
  • Wide Audience Appeal: Appeals to a broad range of customers, from college students to busy professionals.
Custom Made Sizes
Canvas, Polyester, Non woven or other custom made styles
White, Nature, Black, Blue, etc. Custom made colors
Durable, re-usable
Drawstring Style Or Custom styles
Custom Logo printing, or heat transfer or embroideried
EN12171 Report
Dry Clean, Storage, etc.
Made in China

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Custom Bags Details

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