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Custom Storage Bags

Wuxi Environment  Packaging is one of the best Custom Storage Bags manufacturer & suppliers in China.

Here we can make custom duvet bags, blanket storage bags, underbed storage bags, christmas tree storage bags, clothes storage bags, mattress storage bags, comforter storage bags, etc.

As a professional factory, we can custom printed logos and sizes for our customers. Lower MOQ to Start.


Custom Storage Bags Styles

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Custom Storage Bags: A Professional Manufacturer’s Perspective

As a professional storage bag manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality customized storage bags to all kinds of commercial and household customers. Whether your needs are bulk purchasing or special customization, we can provide you with the best quality solutions.

Types Of Storage Bags

Various styles We provide various styles of storage bags to meet the needs of different customers:

Drawstring Storages: easy to open and close, suitable for daily use and lightweight carrying.

Zipper Storage Bags Bags: ensures safe storage of items, suitable for storage needs that require high security.

Folding Storage Bags: Easy to store and carry, suitable for travel and home use.

Waterproof Storage Bags: Made of waterproof material to protect items from moisture.

Multiple sizes Our storage bags are available in a variety of sizes to suit different usage scenarios:

Small Bags: suitable for storing small items, such as accessories, stationery, etc.

Medium-sized Bag: suitable for storing daily necessities, such as clothing, books, etc.

Large Storage Bags: suitable for storage of large items, such as quilts, pillows, etc.


High-quality Materials For Personalized Storage Bags

We use high-quality materials to manufacture storage bags to ensure product durability and environmental protection:

  • Environmentally friendly fabrics: Use recyclable and degradable environmentally friendly materials to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Durable material: Thickened design and high-strength stitching ensure the storage bag can withstand long-term and intermittent use.

Customized Sized And Logo services

We provide comprehensive customized services to meet customers’ individual needs:

Customized size: Customized storage bags of various specifications according to customer needs.

Printing services: Provide high-quality screen printing and popular services to support customers in printing brand logos and personalized designs.

Special design: According to the specific needs of customers, we provide functional designs such as waterproof, adsorption, and anti-static.


Application Areas For Storage Bags

Our customized storage bags cover a wide range of industries and scenarios:

  • Retail and Wholesale: Provide professional packaging solutions to stores and wholesalers to enhance the market appeal of products.
  • Home storage: Help users better organize and store items and improve their quality of life.
  • TRAVEL & OUTDOORS: Provides portable storage solutions to keep items safe and tidy on the go.
  • Industrial and Commercial: Provide customized solutions to various industrial and commercial customers to meet the needs of different working environments.


Why Choose Us?

As a professional manufacturer, we have the following advantages:

Professional experience: years of production experience and technology accumulation, product quality and production efficiency.

  • Advanced equipment: With modern production equipment and processes, we can quickly respond to large-volume order needs.
  • Strict quality control: From raw material procurement to production and manufacturing, each stage is strictly controlled to ensure the high quality of the product.
  • Quality service: From design consultation to after-sales support, we provide customers with a full range of quality services to ensure customer satisfaction.


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To learn more about our custom storage bags, or to get a quote for customization services, please feel free to contact us. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and excellent services to meet your various needs.